Multipurpose Interlocking Floor System






"...Wow! In a matter of hours, my garage went from ordinary to "extraordinary". I was amazed at how fast and easy RACEDECK®. was to install..."
                                                                           FRED KIAMER - SAN FRANCISCO, CA


"...Simply drop dead beautiful...Difficult to express just how proud I am of this asset. Now I don't want to park my car or mower anywhere near's just too nice! Thanks for the great product and great service!... "
                                                                           FRANK MCNELLIS - SEBRING, FL


"I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the RACEDECK® flooring. It looks great and did wonders to hide a very poor paint job on the concrete. Install was a snap, no pun intended, and even my youngest got into the swing of things helping with the edging and placement. Bank on referrals."
                                                                            PAT JORDAN - SAN DIEGO, CA


"In the interest of making my garage look better for entertaining and photo shoots, I checked in with RACEDECK®. The company makes a modular floor that is perfect for my needs: stylish, durable, and stain proof! I did my whole garage over in an afternoon, including removing everything but the workbenches - the results are spectacular."
                                                                            HOWARD KELLY - HOT BIKE MAGAZINE                                                                             OCTOBER 2002 ISSUE PAGE 94

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